Avans University of Applied Sciences joined forces with nine other European universities of applied sciences and research universities to submit a grant proposal to the European Commission for the development of a joint European university. As PIONEER, Avans and its partner institutions are working together on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11: Inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities.

As a partner in PIONEER, Avans underscores the importance of European cooperation. This cooperation will receive a huge boost in the event that the grant is awarded, although the consortium intends to continue working together regardless. Europe intends to develop 60 European universities – so far, over 50 have been established – with the goal of promoting mutual cooperation in higher education in the areas of educational development, research and exchange (the physical and virtual mobility of students and staff).

Combination of educational capacity and research potential

PIONEER is an alliance of 10 universities of applied sciences and research universities in Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The educational institutions combine their educationalist capacity and research potential to work together on SDG 11. This shows that the cooperation goes beyond simply exchanging students and lecturers. For example, the partners also want to bring their research lines and professors together in order to speed up research and improve clout on the one hand, and to learn across the board from this cooperation as an institution on the other hand.

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Author: AVANS